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Commemoration work

The topic of the Shoah and other victims of National Socialism has occupied me for many years. Thus, in my bachelor thesis I dedicated myself to one aspect of this dark chapter of European history. 

"Places of Music in the Theresienstadt Ghetto" is the result of a personal encounter with the former ghetto and transfer camp in Czechia and with the research conducted there. The aim of this work was to shed new light on musical personalities who continued to be active during this time despite terrible circumstances - mostly until their last hours of life.

Today, as an artist, I would like to continue working for the preservation of remembrance and see this as one of my most important life objectives.  

To tell with sounds, to pass on and to warn against forgetfulness. 

I look forward to any cooperation with committed people who, like me, see the necessity of this subject. 

Link to the research work (in german language): Places of music in the Theresienstadt ghetto.

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