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Duo WortAkkord

The duo WortAkkord consists of the actress and theatre pedagogue Grit Asperger and the accordionist and music pedagogue Joanne Bialek-Tan. 

For years, the duo has performed regularly in the context of various cultural and educational events, offering impressive and contrasting readings for all target audiences.


Musical Readings have been performed as a part of events such as the Detmolder Sommerbühne with the motto "Midsummer Night's Dreams". Other popular themes range from "love" to "war" via stories by Edgar Allan Poe and, of course, children's readings.

Feel free to contact us! We will workshop a suitable concept for an atmospheric reading and we always look forward to a creative cooperation.

Children's reading at the Kulturhaus "Alten Meierei"Blomberg - Foto: Vera Gerstendorff-Welle
Reading with theme "Love and War"- Credits: FRAUENetzwerk Oerlinghausen 
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